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As a rule GG2G prefers to hone in on specific items, but in the case of Millican we will have to make an exception. Long before the men of London’s Shoreditch decided to grow beards and look like American pioneers, complete with check shirts, braces and traditional rucksacks, the Millican company, based in the Lake District, has been manufacturing timeless canvas day bags (for a range of uses) with a seductive 19th century appeal that predates London’s hipsters by a decade.

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17 Oct Float On – Teva’s Arrowood tough lightweight

The most difficult items to pack for any extended trip - is footwear. It’s usually meant sitting on the plane in clumpy walking boots with sandals and evening shoes in the overhead locker to save weight.  Thanks to new technology - like the Float-Lite TM in these new Arrowoods by California cool cobblers Teva - we’ve entered the era of one pair journeys. I’ve worn my burgundy Lux Mid WP...

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21 Sep Leica SOFORT instant camera

The irony for a generation brought up on selfies is the inability to look at images on anything other than a phone or tablet. What ever happened to photos slipped into the sides of mirrors, stuck to fridge doors, safe in a wallet, or, heaven forbid,  framed. The fact is most people don’t see their photos after they’ve taken them and when the device is junked, or the software obsolete,...

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25 Aug Travel Trousers

Hamilton and Hare makes undies for fellas - takings design cues from boxers and pugalist attire.  Boxer shorts, simple unadorned sweatshirts and hoodies, and classic entering the ring toweling robes. In other words - Hamilton and Hare prides itself on masculine comfort. Which is why it’s such a simple step for them into travel clothes - the sort of gear that looks cool yet remains comfortable during the long inactive...

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NR_16-17_0742 copy

19 Aug Staying dry in Norwegian Rain

Want to keep warm and dry this winter, without looking like a Polar explorer or a rap star - then try some Norwegian Rain. Anoraks and parkers are fine in cloudbursts but here at gg2g we’re fans of of full length coats. Call us old fashioned - but we like to keep dry.  It’s why we thoroughly approve of the current range of waterproof macs and coats from Bergen at...

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Nor'Easter worn over flannel lined Gravis Jacket (£135)

10 Aug Finisterre’s early autumn range

While most of us are enjoying the warm sand between our toes and beach BBQs Finisterre (Cornwall’s cold water surf enthusiasts - embracing the big chill as ever) is looking ahead with a new collection of autumnal outfits. The bulk of the collection, for men and women, in bold red, blues and yellows, comprises warm over-shirts like the Gylly (£75), the flannel lined Gravis (£135), and the checked Lumber (£85). Our...

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∏ Closca Design Closca-Fuga-Press-2

28 Jul Closca Fuga Foldable Cycling Helmet

This practical and innovative folding cycling helmet is also -  rather lovely. Just look at it. Those three, streamlined concentric rings could stand alone as a work of art if they weren’t also extremely useful. What Closca has done is produce a cycling helmet that looks cool, in a very urban way (think New York’s Guggenheim Museum). It collapses down to half its size and slips comfortably into a back...

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double barrel lifestyle 1

27 Mar Double Barrel – insulated coffee/beer mug

Just the job for hot days at the beach - a two layer stainless steel mug (a growler to give its correct US moniker) to keep beer lipsmackingly cool long after you’ve taken it out of the fridge. Made by Ecovessel of Boulder, Colorado who pride themselves on  environmentally friendly flasks, bottles and ‘growlers’ without phtalates (a controversial cocktail of chemicals used in the food packaging industry that are linked to a raft of...

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now you see it

08 Mar Collapsible Cuppa – Stojo Pocket Cup

There are so many ways this Stojo Pocket Cup is - well, just brilliant. Like most aspects of modern life coffee ‘to go’ is just another convenient system of littering the planet. According to a recent article in The Guardian - http://tinyurl.com/hcyfbe7 - here in the UK alone we get through 3bn paper coffee cups a year. And despite some of the take-out coffee companies saying their cups are recyclable (they carry the...

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muji gloves

15 Dec Muji – Touchscreen Leather Gloves

Do you know anyone who speaks on a mobile phone? No, we don’t either. Moat of us let our fingers do the talking, via texting and emailing. It’s why we love these touchscreen sensitive gloves from Japanese company Muji. You can tap away with all fingers, thumbs too for those ambidextrous speed tappers. In black or brown leather, a far cry from the traditionally hippie touchscreen knitted gloves. And now...

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Eco-Shell Life (1)

30 Nov Eco Shell – jacket that’s good for you and the planet

Fjallraven Eco-Shell Jacket At GG2G we instinctively trust all foul weather gear designed in Sweden. Afterall, they live with conditions most of us only imagine, and that experience is built into their gear. Like this Keb Eco-Shell Jacket from Fjallraven, a company that has been making great outdoors clobber for 50 years. Supremely waterproof and flexible, made with both trekkers and skiers in mind, and for the ‘eco minded’ incorporating new...

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25 Nov Stay Warm – Canada Goose Parkas

Some time ago we photographed a Canadian Goose parka and the model, a Swedish girl who goes home each winter for Christmas, said all her friends wear Canadian Goose parkas because they’re the best for coping with temperatures that often drop below minus 20oC. In our book you can’t get a better recommendation. From small beginnings in the 1950s in a Toronto warehouse the Canadian Goose distinctive red, white and...

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25 Nov Lightweight Waterproof Boots

MERRELL SERRATION MID WATERPROOFS We have a bit of a thing with walking boots here at GG2G, which is to say we are predicated towards more classic, nostalgic, even retro boots. Shiny old eather, metal eyelets and quick lace-up hooks with a wear anywhere timelessness; great on the trail and just as good in the city with jeans. Merrell’s relaunched 1982 Wilderness Canyon boots a couple of years back fitted the...

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Snugpak and Asta

19 Nov Warm and cool – the Snugpak SJ6

It’s a fact that extreme weather jackets are getting shorter. But what the best lack in length they make up for with technology. Like this SJ6, made in the UK by Snugpak who have adapted the thermal and waterproofing aspects of its sleeping bag range for use in some of its jackets. The brand new SJ6 is the middle rated of the SJ jackets (there SJ 3s and 9s) with...

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30 Aug Rohan Women’s Roamer Trousers

The GG2G girls don’t like getting wet on the trail, but neither do they like overheating in waterproof trousers. It’s why they wear Roamers, polyamide and stretchy elastane, and described by makers Rohan as ‘mild-weather’ pants. Instead of a waterproof barrier Roamers shrug off the showers and knocks and gorse whilst being comfortable, and not appearing too technical, getting a bit wet – BUT crucially drying out extra fast. So...

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30 Aug Bogs Boots

Ultra High The unexpected winners in the popularity of music festivals are Wellington boots. There used to be green wellies and black wellies – and yellow wellies if you were a fisherman. Nowadays they come in every conceivable colour and pattern. The Cornish company Joules even marketed tweed wellies a couple of years ago. Of course what they all have in common is the facility for wearers to go splashing through...

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30 Aug Altberg Yan Tan Boot

They know a thing or two about hiking in Yorkshire, where the local boot makers, Alt-Berg is the only boot makers in the world to offer five – that’s right, five – width fittings across its entire range: The company was set up by boot maker William Shepherd in the 1930s, as a worker cooperative, initially in Rochdale. These fully waterproof Yan Tans keeps winning ‘best boot’ awards and it’s...

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30 Aug Brasher Hillmaster ll GTX

We get through a lot of walking boots at GG2G but we keep coming back to Brasher’s 28 year old Hillmaster, for us the benchmark by which all hiking boots must be measured. The Hillmaster is all about comfort and support, and classic understated looks. The shock absorbing PU midsole insulates the foot from rough terrain whilst providing grip, and the memory foam collar and tongue inhibit slip. In short,...

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