28 Sep Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer

As camper vans get bigger and less manoeverable there is a wagon maker based in Denver that’s tapping into the trend for small trailers; aka ‘tiny teardrops’ for a new generation of camper who doesn’t need to haul so much stuff around. The kind of trailer that’s easy to unhitch and leave behind, and designed to maximise space and comfort without compromising adventure. Timberleaf’s trailer is a pod on wheels, with everything you need for warm and dry glamping. A smooth ‘bar-of-soap’ teadrop of aluminium and wood.

The overall length of the 1200lb Timberleaf is 15’, with a cabin size of 5‘x10’ – just enough room for a ‘Colorado Queen’ mattress, and a roof height of 3’. Not too tall but cosy. With opening side windows, two doors and a skylight. Around the back is an al fresco galley made from 100% Baltic Birch, storage cabinets and a sink.  A raft of upgrades are available including a dining table, and more lights. But because the US uses 120v current as opposed to the UK’s 220v electrical upgrades need to be carried out here in Britain.

There are options for colour and finish and a delivery time of between eight to ten weeks.  OK – there are cheaper variants available in Europe, but non come close to the microscopic beauty of the Timberleaf.

From £13,000. Shipping is £2193 (with a £961 discount for the first UK customer); the same discount  applies to early adopters in other countries / http://www.timberleaftrailers.com/#home-1