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28 Sep Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer

As camper vans get bigger and less manoeverable there is a wagon maker based in Denver that’s tapping into the trend for small trailers; aka ‘tiny teardrops’ for a new generation of camper who doesn’t need to haul so much stuff around. The kind of trailer that’s easy to unhitch and leave behind, and designed to maximise space and comfort without compromising adventure. Timberleaf’s trailer is a pod on wheels,...

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NR_16-17_0742 copy

19 Aug Staying dry in Norwegian Rain

Want to keep warm and dry this winter, without looking like a Polar explorer or a rap star - then try some Norwegian Rain. Anoraks and parkers are fine in cloudbursts but here at gg2g we’re fans of of full length coats. Call us old fashioned - but we like to keep dry.  It’s why we thoroughly approve of the current range of waterproof macs and coats from Bergen at...

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T-Mini double hammocj

01 Jul Double up in a hammock of two

The only thing wrong with hammocks (apart from getting in and out of then in a dignified fashion) is they’re only designed for one person. Until now. Tentsile, the makers of those super groovy suspended tents, has designed the  40D polyester T-Mini, a cut down version of one of its ‘airborne’ tents. I.E. they've taken the room off - et voila, a hammock. Find your spot, ideally somewhere with a view...

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Plazmatic Lighter 1

01 Jul Flame On – Plazmatic X Dual Beam Lighter

We’re pretty excited at GG2G because we’ve finally found something to plug into the laptop USB socket. A Plazmatic X lighter. A lighter that on the face of it looks pretty conventional - roughly the same shape and size as a classic Zippo - but without the need for any sort of flammable fuel; neither gas nor petrol. The Plazmatic X is an electrionic lighter  with two ‘heat beams’ (a...

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komperdell poles 2

02 Jun Super lightweight compact walking poles

Walking poles are the sort of trekking luxury that are great to have around but often get left behind  because of the extra weight involved. Well, think again. These high performance Komperdells, Carbon Ultralite Vario 4, are around 20% lighter than their nearest rivals. They’re not the cheapest sticks on the block but that weight saving is a big bonus.  Made with 100% carbon, they fold down to 45cm in...

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now you see it

08 Mar Collapsible Cuppa – Stojo Pocket Cup

There are so many ways this Stojo Pocket Cup is - well, just brilliant. Like most aspects of modern life coffee ‘to go’ is just another convenient system of littering the planet. According to a recent article in The Guardian - - here in the UK alone we get through 3bn paper coffee cups a year. And despite some of the take-out coffee companies saying their cups are recyclable (they carry the...

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lotus belle tent 1

21 Feb Glad to be Glamping – Lotus Belle tents

  These beautiful, exotic, Yurt-like tents, are the result of one’s avid west country camper’s mission to inject some style into camping. Proof that you don’t have to be dreary to be practical under canvas.  Lotus Belle tents, designed and conceived  by lifelong camper and textile teacher Harriet Seddon, are aimed at the sort of camper who wants not only to be dry and comfortable, with room to stretch out on...

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tentsile stingray tree tent

06 Feb Nights in suspense – Tentsile tree tents

We can’t think of a finer way to enjoy a night in the forest than hunkered up - four feet above the ground - inside a Tentsile suspended tree tent. Fully waterproof hammocks with roofs, big enough inside for three adults, held by heavy duty straps and secured by ratchets. Safe from bugs, dry, snug, and literally floating on air. The concept can be traced back to 1983 when one of Tentsile’s...

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Helinox Lifestyle (Swivel Chair)

04 Feb Helinox Swivel Chair

The best outdoor/travel furniture is both lightweight and compact - and easy to assemble. Dutch firm Helinox wins on both fronts with lightweight DAC  aluminium and nylon furniture that’s light enough to deserve a home in any daypack, and thanks to the ingenious ‘shake-into-shape’ hinged frame at its heart is a cinch to assemble.The fabric seat then stretches across the frame and clips into place. We like the Table One,...

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greenwich cable tidy screenshot

25 Jan iLook out for my iPad – Greenwich Leather Accessories

[caption id="attachment_16358" align="alignright" width="300"] iLove my iPad[/caption] We can remember a time when those without a clue were predicting the demise of Apple Computers; too niche and too expensive. Then along came the iPhone and the iPad (and iTunes) and the world turned out to be, flat afterall. Very flat. There are thousands of companies making accessories for these essential 21st century devices but few make them as well, or as understated,...

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19 Jan Go anywhere water filter – LifeStraw

Because a week’s worth of Perrier takes up took much backpack space there’s LifeStraw - the easiest, most convenient, simplest and by far away smallest and lightest water filtration system you can take with you. Half the size of a school recorder and weighing next to nothing just drop one end of LifeStraw into contaminated water, or just water you’re not 100% sure about (mountain streams/snow melt), and the internal...

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solarmoney adventurer 2015

10 Dec Charge! – the Solarmonkey Adventurer 2015

Free power - is there anything better? We don’t think so. Which is why we like the latest Powermonkey. Not only can it charge its 3500 mAh lithium battery and an external gadget simultaneously, the Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) regulates and optimises the charge from the twin solar panels so that the Adventurer is still able to charge - albeit slower - in low light conditions. When the charge level reader...

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25 Nov Maglite Solitaire

We like American gear. It’s like their trucks and motorcycles; over engineered with the intention of lasting, well forever. Maglites are no exception. It’s what NYPD cops use as night sticks, and what the crew of CSI use to illuminate the hearts of darkness. This Solitaire isn’t as grand or as powerful as those, being a mere three inches in length, with a diameter of 12.7mm, and running on a...

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25 Nov Princeton Tec Vizz Headtorch

Along with stout footwear a good headtorch is the the most useful piece of kit you’ll ever pack; on a trek, in a tent, or just returning home from the pub late at night. One of the GG2G writers, who drives a clapped out classic Mini, keeps one in her glove compartment. US firm Princeton Tec makes lights and lamps for every situation, from camping to scuba diving. It has...

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19 Nov LuminAid – let there be light, for free!

The PackLite range from Luminaid has to be the cheapest and convenient way of keeping the lights on.  A warm glow of light that’s fine for reading by, or just as an ambient camp light. The original ‘cushion’ shaped LuminAid was developed for use in the Third World but as a camping trekking, just useful thing to have around, it can’t be beat. The PackLites come in two parts; at its...

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03 Sep Powermonkey Explorer2

Some of us here at GG2G use the excuse of getting off-the-beaten-track to leave our digital equipment behind. That’s one way of travelling – without a mobile phon or  iPod! As for the rest of the modern world the real issue is how to keep those devices alive. If you’ve tried solar charging, wind-up devices, and even a wood burning power generator, you’ll know they all take time. That’s why...

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30 Aug Umi Ticon Large Zip-Around Travel Wallet

Plus they’re made from incredibly tough balistic nylon and have a knack of bringing doormen and check-in staff to attention. Go RFID Passport Slip £4.99. .  Jack Wolfskin Dryfold Wallet £18.00. / 01666 575 500. £95-£795 (pictured Large Zip-Around Travel Wallet £235.00). /   020 7493 4138...

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30 Aug RFID Protection

Go Travel Passport Slip Our wallets are full of RFID (Radio Frequency Enabled) credit cards that are constantly emitting all – unbeknownst to most of us – kinds of personal details about us and our finances. Sensitive information to be accessed by anyone with an electronic reader easily obtained on the internet. There are 20 million or so ‘scan‘ only credit cards in the UK, representing a big pool of crime...

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30 Aug Nomad Medical Kit

Be Independent – the Nomad Medical Kit A decent medical kit is a must. The Independent, assembled by north London travel experts Nomad, contains 29 items, from ibuprofen to bandages, burn gel, dressings, and tiger balm. Water purification chlorine tablets, anti-histamine for alergic reactions, and a sterile injection kit should you need a jab and can’t trust the local, of-the-beaten-track, medical facilities. In other words the Independent will sort out anything from...

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30 Aug Trekmates Hosteller Liner

One of the joys of travelling is that you get to stay in seriously grotty places. I recall a hotel in Morocco that was so insanitary I refused to take my clothes off. That’s when you need one of these. Having your own portable inner bed/sleeping bag liner can make the difference between a good night’s sleep and staring at the ceiling all night. There’s really no excuse for not...

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