21 Sep No secrets trunk – Crumpler’s Vis-A-Vis Clear

Packing is a skill few of us have time for – although we might make time if we had Crumpler’s latest wheelie – the Vis-A-Vis Clear. You’d think twice about screwing everything up in a ball at the last minute if Uncle Tom Cobley and all can see your mess. It might encourage the slobs amongst us to fold our stuff neatly. Afterall, you’ll look smarter when you get there.  The 68cm polycarbonate Trunk is aimed at travellers with nothing to hide, except dirty laundry and expensive pieces of personal kit, to be stored discreetly within Volume Rebate packing cubes that are included. There’s a clothes compression system, safety straps designed to take some strain off the heavy duty zip, and, as if it were necessary with so much on show, a TSA lock. A clear winner for peripatetic travellers  who like it all out in the open. For the less extrovert there are others in the Vis-A-Vis range made with opaque black polycarbonate.

£445 (including international shipping) /