21 Sep Leica SOFORT instant camera

The irony for a generation brought up on selfies is the inability to look at images on anything other than a phone or tablet. What ever happened to photos slipped into the sides of mirrors, stuck to fridge doors, safe in a wallet, or, heaven forbid,  framed. The fact is most people don’t see their photos after they’ve taken them and when the device is junked, or the software obsolete, bye-bye those special moments. It’s why we think Leica’s super cute SOFORT is going sell by the shed load. It’s just the sort of high tech, pocket size piece of instant gratification the selfie generation didn’t know it wanted. Slot in a ten frame film pack (£9.50), or a 20 shot double pack (£15.50) and go. It’s no photographic slouch either. With a shutter speed ranging from 1/8 to 1/400th of a second, a 60mm lens (equivalent to a 35mm on a typical 35mm camera), a macro for close ups, 3m to infinity focusing, and three to ten second self timer, the SOFORT has options. Or dial in one of the  five automatic modes (including flash) and let SOFORT do the work for you. In white, mint or orange.

£215 (black or brown case £24) / https://uk.leica-camera.com