Helinox Lifestyle (Swivel Chair)

04 Feb Helinox Swivel Chair

The best outdoor/travel furniture is both lightweight and compact – and easy to assemble. Dutch firm Helinox wins on both fronts with lightweight DAC  aluminium and nylon furniture that’s light enough to deserve a home in any daypack, and thanks to the ingenious ‘shake-into-shape’ hinged frame at its heart is a cinch to assemble.The fabric seat then stretches across the frame and clips into place. We like the Table One, a low level mesh picnic table with two drinks holders in the middle, especially when teamed up with the new Swivel Chair that, turning a full 360o degrees, has beach vistas and festivals written all over it; it packs down to the size of a two litre mineral water bottle, and weighs 120kg, that’s about the same as a pair of decent walking boots.

Swivel Chair (£107 plus shipping), Table One (£91)/  orders and UK dealer information visit

Swivel Chair

Swivel Chair