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As a rule GG2G prefers to hone in on specific items, but in the case of Millican we will have to make an exception. Long before the men of London’s Shoreditch decided to grow beards and look like American pioneers, complete with check shirts, braces and traditional rucksacks, the Millican company, based in the Lake District, has been manufacturing timeless canvas day bags (for a range of uses) with a seductive 19th century appeal that predates London’s hipsters by a decade.

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21 Sep Leica SOFORT instant camera

The irony for a generation brought up on selfies is the inability to look at images on anything other than a phone or tablet. What ever happened to photos slipped into the sides of mirrors, stuck to fridge doors, safe in a wallet, or, heaven forbid,  framed. The fact is most people don’t see their photos after they’ve taken them and when the device is junked, or the software obsolete,...

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Plazmatic Lighter 1

01 Jul Flame On – Plazmatic X Dual Beam Lighter

We’re pretty excited at GG2G because we’ve finally found something to plug into the laptop USB socket. A Plazmatic X lighter. A lighter that on the face of it looks pretty conventional - roughly the same shape and size as a classic Zippo - but without the need for any sort of flammable fuel; neither gas nor petrol. The Plazmatic X is an electrionic lighter  with two ‘heat beams’ (a...

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komperdell poles 2

02 Jun Super lightweight compact walking poles

Walking poles are the sort of trekking luxury that are great to have around but often get left behind  because of the extra weight involved. Well, think again. These high performance Komperdells, Carbon Ultralite Vario 4, are around 20% lighter than their nearest rivals. They’re not the cheapest sticks on the block but that weight saving is a big bonus.  Made with 100% carbon, they fold down to 45cm in...

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Leica M-D

26 May Leica’s High Tech Back-To-Basics M-D

The back to vinyl/analogue revolution steps up a gear with the release of Leica’s deliciously retro digital rangefinder camera - the M-D. Marketed as ‘the return to anticipation’ the M-D is the first digital camera in Leica’s ‘rangefinder’ M series range - the go-to tool of travel photographers -  to come without an LCD screen for instant image gratification. The idea being that you’ll have concentrate taking your images and...

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primus lifestyle 2

24 Mar Dinner Time – Onja Campfire Stove

Primus’ latest campsite stove is a lesson in Swedish understated ingenuity and style. The sort of kit that will be just as at home (and just as practical) off the beaten track or during the coming summer’s festival season. Folded for travel it looks a bit like a boxy messenger bag, the simple Scandinavian design finished off with brass, leather and wood details; the detachable lid is oak and doubles...

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fogo 1

21 Feb Fogo – The ultimate adventure gadget?

It’s hard to know where to begin with a gadget that does just about everything; a motion sensor, battery charger, two-way radio, and that’s just for starters. Fogo might look at first glance like a pocket torch but that little LED screen on the side is a clue to the raft of features on tap, including the ability to detect when you’ve had a mountain biking accident and send alert...

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Helinox Lifestyle (Swivel Chair)

04 Feb Helinox Swivel Chair

The best outdoor/travel furniture is both lightweight and compact - and easy to assemble. Dutch firm Helinox wins on both fronts with lightweight DAC  aluminium and nylon furniture that’s light enough to deserve a home in any daypack, and thanks to the ingenious ‘shake-into-shape’ hinged frame at its heart is a cinch to assemble.The fabric seat then stretches across the frame and clips into place. We like the Table One,...

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25 Jan Safer cycling – Aftershokz Trekz Titanium headphones

Here at GG2G we don’t like listening to music through headphones when we’re cycling for the simple reason we can’t hear the sound of the street around us, and that makes for unsafe cycling. One of the team was pulled up short by a copper who said headphones on  bikes are illegal. We’re not sure about that but the safety message hit home and we’ve not listened to music on...

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greenwich cable tidy screenshot

25 Jan iLook out for my iPad – Greenwich Leather Accessories

[caption id="attachment_16358" align="alignright" width="300"] iLove my iPad[/caption] We can remember a time when those without a clue were predicting the demise of Apple Computers; too niche and too expensive. Then along came the iPhone and the iPad (and iTunes) and the world turned out to be, flat afterall. Very flat. There are thousands of companies making accessories for these essential 21st century devices but few make them as well, or as understated,...

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19 Jan Go anywhere water filter – LifeStraw

Because a week’s worth of Perrier takes up took much backpack space there’s LifeStraw - the easiest, most convenient, simplest and by far away smallest and lightest water filtration system you can take with you. Half the size of a school recorder and weighing next to nothing just drop one end of LifeStraw into contaminated water, or just water you’re not 100% sure about (mountain streams/snow melt), and the internal...

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muji gloves

15 Dec Muji – Touchscreen Leather Gloves

Do you know anyone who speaks on a mobile phone? No, we don’t either. Moat of us let our fingers do the talking, via texting and emailing. It’s why we love these touchscreen sensitive gloves from Japanese company Muji. You can tap away with all fingers, thumbs too for those ambidextrous speed tappers. In black or brown leather, a far cry from the traditionally hippie touchscreen knitted gloves. And now...

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tumi red RFID wallet

15 Dec Credit Card Security – Chambers Folding Card Case

Tumi ID Lock: For reasons only known to governments and bankers many modern ID and credit cards contain microchips that automaticallyt transmit personal identity and financial details that may be read by any Tom, Dick or Harry with an RFID scanner; imagine lots of bad guys loitering around airports, railway stations and shopping malls with the same sort of ‘touch’ payment pads we are encouraged to use in shops downloading all...

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solarmoney adventurer 2015

10 Dec Charge! – the Solarmonkey Adventurer 2015

Free power - is there anything better? We don’t think so. Which is why we like the latest Powermonkey. Not only can it charge its 3500 mAh lithium battery and an external gadget simultaneously, the Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) regulates and optimises the charge from the twin solar panels so that the Adventurer is still able to charge - albeit slower - in low light conditions. When the charge level reader...

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philips headphones 2.

10 Dec Noise Cancelling Headphones – Philips SHB8850NC

Philips breaks the mould with these high spec noise cancelling headphones for third of the price of many competitors, claiming an impressive 97% reduction of ambient sound -  up to -20 decibels. What they lack in the name department they make up for with a raft of features: Bluetooth and battery powered, so no wires getting in the way on long flights; the rechargeable batteries ought be good for up to 16...

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08 Dec Sleep Tight – Sound Oasis Travel

Sleep isn’t a problem around here. One of us slept through a hurricane during which a tree crashed through the roof of the cabin next door. Another time one of the team was so shattered fell she asleep in a disco. Sadly not everyone can nod off quite so easily which is why the Sound Oasis Travel is proving so popular.  Roberts used to make a pillow speaker enabling users...

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25 Nov Maglite Solitaire

We like American gear. It’s like their trucks and motorcycles; over engineered with the intention of lasting, well forever. Maglites are no exception. It’s what NYPD cops use as night sticks, and what the crew of CSI use to illuminate the hearts of darkness. This Solitaire isn’t as grand or as powerful as those, being a mere three inches in length, with a diameter of 12.7mm, and running on a...

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03 Sep Powermonkey Explorer2

Some of us here at GG2G use the excuse of getting off-the-beaten-track to leave our digital equipment behind. That’s one way of travelling – without a mobile phon or  iPod! As for the rest of the modern world the real issue is how to keep those devices alive. If you’ve tried solar charging, wind-up devices, and even a wood burning power generator, you’ll know they all take time. That’s why...

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30 Aug Leica Monovid

We can’t praise this pocket rocket mini telescope enough. It has been the most important, and popular piece of kit in the GG2G rucksack for a couple of years now. It’s size – five inches inside Leica’s magnetic flip-top leather case – means it takes up hardly any space in a bag or pocket, and the clarity and definition through its beautifully engineered 8×20 optic are outstanding: The world appears...

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