17 Oct Float On – Teva’s Arrowood tough lightweight

The most difficult items to pack for any extended trip – is footwear. It’s usually meant sitting on the plane in clumpy walking boots with sandals and evening shoes in the overhead locker to save weight.  Thanks to new technology – like the Float-Lite TM in these new Arrowoods by California cool cobblers Teva – we’ve entered the era of one pair journeys. I’ve worn my burgundy Lux Mid WP (that’s ankle boots to you and I) in town, along the track, on the beach and across the rocks, and can report that they’re light, bouncy, water resistant (I could walk in the foreshore without getting wet feet), and they’re comfortable. All I will say is they are a narrow cut so I had to go up a size; on the bright side that leaves space for warm winter socks. In short an all round trail boot, for men and women, (there’s also a low cut shoe) with enough support and grip for most occasions. Kim Bentley

£120 (low cut Lux WP £100) /