Plazmatic Lighter 1

01 Jul Flame On – Plazmatic X Dual Beam Lighter

We’re pretty excited at GG2G because we’ve finally found something to plug into the laptop USB socket. A Plazmatic X lighter. A lighter that on the face of it looks pretty conventional – roughly the same shape and size as a classic Zippo – but without the need for any sort of flammable fuel; neither gas nor petrol. The Plazmatic X is an electrionic lighter  with two ‘heat beams’ (a bit like those things that kicked life into Frankenstein) that will ignite anything from a campfire to a cigar. It can be charged from a variety of power outlets, from a laptop and reserve battery pack, to the mains. It’s waterproof, so works in the rain and after it’s been dropped in the river. And best of all it works just fine in a howling wind. The Plazmatic X comes in a host of colours and patterns, from the cool Dark Matter Executve to the potty Rickdiculous Executive that may be aimed at those who prefer something stronger than a conventional cigarette.

from around £37; free shipping from US on orders over $50 /