Nor'Easter worn over flannel lined Gravis Jacket (£135)

10 Aug Finisterre’s early autumn range

While most of us are enjoying the warm sand between our toes and beach BBQs Finisterre (Cornwall’s cold water surf enthusiasts – embracing the big chill as ever) is looking ahead with a new collection of autumnal outfits. The bulk of the collection, for men and women, in bold red, blues and yellows, comprises warm over-shirts like the Gylly (£75), the flannel lined Gravis (£135), and the checked Lumber (£85). Our favourite item also happens to be the most robust. The bright yellow Nor’Easter Mac (£150) is based on a traditional fisherman’s jacket, with a hood, a zip closing and snap buttons.  Everyone is cautious nowadays with claims for garments being fully waterproof. Finisterre is no exception stating its Nor’Easter is merely showerproof. But we reckon the PU coated polyester jacket should be fine for a damp day on the coast. For men and women.