T-Mini double hammocj

01 Jul Double up in a hammock of two

The only thing wrong with hammocks (apart from getting in and out of then in a dignified fashion) is they’re only designed for one person. Until now. Tentsile, the makers of those super groovy suspended tents, has designed the  40D polyester T-Mini, a cut down version of one of its ‘airborne’ tents. I.E. they’ve taken the room off – et voila, a hammock. Find your spot, ideally somewhere with a view with three trees nearby. Wrap the T-Mini’s adjustable straps around the trunks and you’re in business. We think it’s called a T-Mini, not because of its size when erected which offers a whopping 40 sq.ft., but because of what its like stowed away; 2.5kg (6lbs) in a pack size of 25x12x12cm. Get in their quick; by all accounts the Mini is shipping out like hot cakes.

£159 (including $30 shipping from LA) /  http://www.tentsile.com/