25 Aug Travel Trousers

Hamilton and Hare makes undies for fellas - takings design cues from boxers and pugalist attire.  Boxer shorts, simple unadorned sweatshirts and hoodies, and classic entering the ring toweling robes. In other words - Hamilton and Hare prides itself on masculine comfort. Which is why it’s such a simple step for them into travel clothes - the sort of gear that looks cool yet remains comfortable during the long inactive hours of intercontinental flight.  Made from lightweight cotton jersey these Grey Space Track Trousers fill the gap between slacks and tracksuit bottoms. Part of a travel range in greys, slate blues and black, they have a tailored slimline cut, straight...

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Nor'Easter worn over flannel lined Gravis Jacket (£135)

10 Aug Finisterre’s early autumn range

While most of us are enjoying the warm sand between our toes and beach BBQs Finisterre (Cornwall’s cold water surf enthusiasts - embracing the big chill as ever) is looking ahead with a new collection of autumnal outfits. The bulk of the collection, for men and women, in bold red, blues and yellows, comprises warm over-shirts like the Gylly (£75), the flannel lined Gravis (£135), and the checked Lumber (£85). Our favourite item also happens to be the most robust. The bright yellow Nor’Easter Mac (£150) is based on a traditional fisherman’s jacket, with a hood, a zip closing and snap buttons.  Everyone is cautious nowadays with claims for garments being...

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25 Nov Stay Warm – Canada Goose Parkas

Some time ago we photographed a Canadian Goose parka and the model, a Swedish girl who goes home each winter for Christmas, said all her friends wear Canadian Goose parkas because they’re the best for coping with temperatures that often drop below minus 20oC. In our book you can’t get a better recommendation. From small beginnings in the 1950s in a Toronto warehouse the Canadian Goose distinctive red, white and blue logo is a badge of distinction; worn by Arctic explorers, mariners, and cold weather professionals the world over. As CG’s popularity has grown so has its range. Far from simply cutting edge ice wear for those whose job it is...

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Snugpak and Asta

19 Nov Warm and cool – the Snugpak SJ6

It’s a fact that extreme weather jackets are getting shorter. But what the best lack in length they make up for with technology. Like this SJ6, made in the UK by Snugpak who have adapted the thermal and waterproofing aspects of its sleeping bag range for use in some of its jackets. The brand new SJ6 is the middle rated of the SJ jackets (there SJ 3s and 9s) with the thermal insulation range from -5oC to -10oC, so good enough for the UK and much of Europe with the exception of the far north and high mountains. The sort of jacket that will work as well on a winter...

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30 Aug Rohan Women’s Roamer Trousers

The GG2G girls don’t like getting wet on the trail, but neither do they like overheating in waterproof trousers. It’s why they wear Roamers, polyamide and stretchy elastane, and described by makers Rohan as ‘mild-weather’ pants. Instead of a waterproof barrier Roamers shrug off the showers and knocks and gorse whilst being comfortable, and not appearing too technical, getting a bit wet – BUT crucially drying out extra fast. So while the team is enjoying a reviving cuppa their Roamers are warming up on the radiator in time for the trek home. Designed as a spring, summer and autumn trouser they just need a half decent pair of thermal leggings...

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