lightspeed quick draw 1

26 May Lightspeed Quickdraw Beach Tent

If there’s an easier to erect - or dismantle - beach shelter than Lightspeed’s Quickdraw we haven’t seen it. By comparison slipping on your budgie smugglers whilst maintaining some degree of modesty on the beach requires rocket science. Pop it out of its bag. Hold the centre of the frame - and lift. A cinch. Taking down and returning to its bag is just as simple and effortless. Take a look at the video on You Tube:  It takes two, or even three (small) sun worshippers comfortably and there are windows so you can keep at eye on the waves. £44.95 /

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double barrel lifestyle 1

27 Mar Double Barrel – insulated coffee/beer mug

Just the job for hot days at the beach - a two layer stainless steel mug (a growler to give its correct US moniker) to keep beer lipsmackingly cool long after you’ve taken it out of the fridge. Made by Ecovessel of Boulder, Colorado who pride themselves on  environmentally friendly flasks, bottles and ‘growlers’ without phtalates (a controversial cocktail of chemicals used in the food packaging industry that are linked to a raft of common ailments). It means the 500ml Double Barrel is completely recyclable. We like the traditional ‘tankard’ style and just wish we had one full to the top with Proper Job; that’s a hoppy light bitter from the west country. OK,...

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30 Aug Bespoke Wet Suits

Cornish wetsuit company Neon aims to brighten up our coastline with made to order body hugging wetsuits in a raft of colours. Launched this year, in Newquay, Cornwall, by avid surfer Elsie Pinniger, these 2mm neoprene wetsuits look like swimsuits but offer just the right amount of warmth for warm climate surfing. Each one made to order from a range of colours and cuts. For men and women. £80 (Eseld). 07967 381822...

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