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27 Mar Double Barrel – insulated coffee/beer mug

Just the job for hot days at the beach - a two layer stainless steel mug (a growler to give its correct US moniker) to keep beer lipsmackingly cool long after you’ve taken it out of the fridge. Made by Ecovessel of Boulder, Colorado who pride themselves on  environmentally friendly flasks, bottles and ‘growlers’ without phtalates (a controversial cocktail of chemicals used in the food packaging industry that are linked to a raft of common ailments). It means the 500ml Double Barrel is completely recyclable. We like the traditional ‘tankard’ style and just wish we had one full to the top with Proper Job; that’s a hoppy light bitter from the west country. OK,...

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hydro flasks product shot

24 Mar Hot & Cold – Hydro Flask

Things have come a long way from those Thermos flasks with cork stopper caps that kept tea luke warm for - no time at all. This Hydro Flask turns the traditional flask on its head. For starters Hydro Flask keeps hot drinks hot for up to six hours and cold drinks chilled for a full day. Made with non slip, powder coated stainless steel, it’s as tough as old boots, and comes in a range of funky M&M colours, and with one of those active caps that can be attached to a lanyard and hung off a rucksack or belt. In the US, where the Hydro Flask is made, it comes in a...

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primus lifestyle 2

24 Mar Dinner Time – Onja Campfire Stove

Primus’ latest campsite stove is a lesson in Swedish understated ingenuity and style. The sort of kit that will be just as at home (and just as practical) off the beaten track or during the coming summer’s festival season. Folded for travel it looks a bit like a boxy messenger bag, the simple Scandinavian design finished off with brass, leather and wood details; the detachable lid is oak and doubles as a chopping board. We particularly like is its stability; when the steel frame is opened the legs providing a firm footing.  Primus says Onja is its most compact two burner stove ever. Running on 100g, 230g or 450g cannister...

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now you see it

08 Mar Collapsible Cuppa – Stojo Pocket Cup

There are so many ways this Stojo Pocket Cup is - well, just brilliant. Like most aspects of modern life coffee ‘to go’ is just another convenient system of littering the planet. According to a recent article in The Guardian - - here in the UK alone we get through 3bn paper coffee cups a year. And despite some of the take-out coffee companies saying their cups are recyclable (they carry the triangular Mobious arrows loop) they're most certainly not. That's because our skinny lattes and macchiatos come in cups made of paper and plastic, so difficult to separate. So much so recycling plants won't take them. Nearly all that 8bn winds up in landfill. All...

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19 Jan Go anywhere water filter – LifeStraw

Because a week’s worth of Perrier takes up took much backpack space there’s LifeStraw - the easiest, most convenient, simplest and by far away smallest and lightest water filtration system you can take with you. Half the size of a school recorder and weighing next to nothing just drop one end of LifeStraw into contaminated water, or just water you’re not 100% sure about (mountain streams/snow melt), and the internal fibre membrane traps poisonous pathogens. It works like like a conventional straw, without any of the pumping associated with conventional filtration systems. You can drink directly from a water source or fill a canteen and use LifeStraw with that. The makers...

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08 Dec Washable Lunch Bags – the Zuperzozial way

Unnecessary food packaging is bad. That’s a fact. We can’t think of a smarter way of looking after grub, and the planet, than with these Dutch picnic bags, constructed with washable, reusable paper. That’s right - paper you can wash and use over and over again. There are three bags in the range; on-the-road-fruit, sandwiches and baguettes. They're part of the stylish Formahouse range of picnic items. In black or grey they weigh next to nothing empty and take up so little space you won’t know you’ve got them. We're feeling hungry just looking at them. On The Go £9.95-£15 /

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25 Nov We’ll Drink To That – Stanley Stainless Steel Flask

We think a hip flask is as essential on a long trek as a decent pair of boots. Nothing fancy, or expensive that’ll you likely damage and live to regret losing. Something more like this robust, knockabout flip-top flask from Stanley, those masters of alfresco imbibing. Forged from 18/8 stainless steel, green, with a lanyard so you can’t lose it, and a capacity of 0.23 litres, it’ll add a nip to any a great excursion. And it’s cheap, so we’ll drink to that too. £20/

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20 Nov A hit on the hike – Minipresso

If you’re one of those people who appreciate the finer things in outwardbound life. For instance, a well pressed pair of cargo pants, well polished hiking boots, and - a decent cup of coffee first thing in the morning,  you’re going to love Minipresso. The handsome Minipresso - looking like the sort of thing 007 has to diffuse to save the world -  does exactly what it says on its smooth matt black case: it makes a single shot of espresso coffee, whenever, and wherever. Essentially Minipresso is a portable pump requiring ground coffee beans and boiling water. There is no heating element inside it and you’ll need something - whether a...

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