17 Oct Float On – Teva’s Arrowood tough lightweight

The most difficult items to pack for any extended trip - is footwear. It’s usually meant sitting on the plane in clumpy walking boots with sandals and evening shoes in the overhead locker to save weight.  Thanks to new technology - like the Float-Lite TM in these new Arrowoods by California cool cobblers Teva - we’ve entered the era of one pair journeys. I’ve worn my burgundy Lux Mid WP (that’s ankle boots to you and I) in town, along the track, on the beach and across the rocks, and can report that they’re light, bouncy, water resistant (I could walk in the foreshore without getting wet feet), and they’re...

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∏ Closca Design Closca-Fuga-Press-2

28 Jul Closca Fuga Foldable Cycling Helmet

This practical and innovative folding cycling helmet is also -  rather lovely. Just look at it. Those three, streamlined concentric rings could stand alone as a work of art if they weren’t also extremely useful. What Closca has done is produce a cycling helmet that looks cool, in a very urban way (think New York’s Guggenheim Museum). It collapses down to half its size and slips comfortably into a back back or brief case. Constructed with reinforced fiberglass, EPS and PC (complying with CPSC and EN1078 international safety certificates) the Fuga comprises three concentric hinged rings and a grey visor. Different coloured visors are available in addition to a knitted...

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fogo 1

21 Feb Fogo – The ultimate adventure gadget?

It’s hard to know where to begin with a gadget that does just about everything; a motion sensor, battery charger, two-way radio, and that’s just for starters. Fogo might look at first glance like a pocket torch but that little LED screen on the side is a clue to the raft of features on tap, including the ability to detect when you’ve had a mountain biking accident and send alert texts to family and friends. Designed and devised by a group of US outdoor enthusiasts, with a penchant for snowboarding, trail cycling and wilderness trekking, Fogo is the digital do-all they wanted for themselves. So, you get a GPS, a walkie-talkie, a...

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25 Jan Safer cycling – Aftershokz Trekz Titanium headphones

Here at GG2G we don’t like listening to music through headphones when we’re cycling for the simple reason we can’t hear the sound of the street around us, and that makes for unsafe cycling. One of the team was pulled up short by a copper who said headphones on  bikes are illegal. We’re not sure about that but the safety message hit home and we’ve not listened to music on two wheels since. That could all be about to change with these Aftershokz Trekz Titanium, headphones that use ‘bone conduction’ to deliver the tunes while allowing ears to hear all ambient noise; sort of headphones for the head and not the...

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trail proof tote

25 Nov Waterproof Bike Bag and Shopper

Aquapac Trailproof Tote Lets not beat about the bush. One of the main reasons we like the Aquapac Tote is it’s cheap. OK - it’s only made of vinyl, but £35 for a large and completely waterproof backpack, that doubles as a shopper with a slick flick of the carrying strap, has to be good. I think Aquapac - that makes waterproof bags for mobiles, laptops etc. - had bicycle messengers in mind when they devised the Tote, available in two sizes; small and large. No amount of rain is going to penetrate the 500 vinyl fabric. It has a velcro fastening on the deep storm flap and a ‘lash-tag’ to...

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lomo street shot

19 Nov Light up the cycle lane with Lumo

Cycle wear has come a long way from yellow capes and sou'westers Some years ago London’s Rapha set the benchmark for all others to follow; durable, urban style with performance sewn in. But whereas Rapha is a go anywhere cycle clothing company (that can’t be recommended highly enough) Lumo is strictly urban - and in particular, London. Its jackets - the Herne Hill, and Regent’s Parka - having a sleek metropolitan cut; the Herne Hill is an update on the classic Harrington style Ryan O’Neal jacket that first appeared in the vintage tv series Peyton Place, later adopted by Steve McQueen; the Regents Parka is a reworking of the 60s Mod...

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30 Aug Rapha Hooded Rain Jacket

Some of us at GG2G can remember when cycling was deeply uncool. A time when the only people who cycled were school kids and your best mate’s dad – only because he couldn’t afford a car. Boy, haven’t times changed? Cycling is just about the trendiest thing any man can do, after growing a beard. The north London cycling garment company Rapha has been a major player in rehabilitating two wheeled transport, sponsoring its own road race team, and the fabulous Nocturne moonlit race around London’s Spitalfieds, pop up cycling cafes – and of course clobber. Apart from a business/urban town range, all of Rapha’s gear has a sporty edge, but...

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30 Aug Bespoke Wet Suits

Cornish wetsuit company Neon aims to brighten up our coastline with made to order body hugging wetsuits in a raft of colours. Launched this year, in Newquay, Cornwall, by avid surfer Elsie Pinniger, these 2mm neoprene wetsuits look like swimsuits but offer just the right amount of warmth for warm climate surfing. Each one made to order from a range of colours and cuts. For men and women. £80 (Eseld). 07967 381822...

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30 Aug Water Off A Ducks Bags – cycling rainwear for cyclists who want to look – normal

Livia There are a number of cycling garment companies wooing consumers who’d rather look elegant on their bikes than participants in the Tour de France: PedAled and Timothy Everest among them. Water Of A Ducks Back was established by managing director Antonia Maybury who, needing something to wear on her cycling commute to work that would look acceptable when she arrived at business meetings, went ahead and set up the company in 2010. The women’s Livia Cycle Coat (worn by the girl with bike and basket) is typical of Maybury’s approach. Using triple layered PU coated microfibre to be warm, showerproof (not fully waterproof) and breathable, it has a high neck, cinched...

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