21 Sep Leica SOFORT instant camera

The irony for a generation brought up on selfies is the inability to look at images on anything other than a phone or tablet. What ever happened to photos slipped into the sides of mirrors, stuck to fridge doors, safe in a wallet, or, heaven forbid,  framed. The fact is most people don’t see their photos after they’ve taken them and when the device is junked, or the software obsolete, bye-bye those special moments. It’s why we think Leica’s super cute SOFORT is going sell by the shed load. It’s just the sort of high tech, pocket size piece of instant gratification the selfie generation didn’t know it wanted. Slot...

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Leica M-D

26 May Leica’s High Tech Back-To-Basics M-D

The back to vinyl/analogue revolution steps up a gear with the release of Leica’s deliciously retro digital rangefinder camera - the M-D. Marketed as ‘the return to anticipation’ the M-D is the first digital camera in Leica’s ‘rangefinder’ M series range - the go-to tool of travel photographers -  to come without an LCD screen for instant image gratification. The idea being that you’ll have concentrate taking your images and wait  until you get home to see what you’ve got. The MD has been stripped of all but the essential components for stills photography, the designers concentrating on key photographic elements: shutter speed, aperture, distance and ISO sensitivity, the latter...

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25 Nov Maglite Solitaire

We like American gear. It’s like their trucks and motorcycles; over engineered with the intention of lasting, well forever. Maglites are no exception. It’s what NYPD cops use as night sticks, and what the crew of CSI use to illuminate the hearts of darkness. This Solitaire isn’t as grand or as powerful as those, being a mere three inches in length, with a diameter of 12.7mm, and running on a single AAA battery. But it’s designed to fit on to a jacket or keyring and it throws out high intensity and flood beams just when you need them. There’s even a spare bulb in the tail cap.  It's what we...

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30 Aug Leica Monovid

We can’t praise this pocket rocket mini telescope enough. It has been the most important, and popular piece of kit in the GG2G rucksack for a couple of years now. It’s size – five inches inside Leica’s magnetic flip-top leather case – means it takes up hardly any space in a bag or pocket, and the clarity and definition through its beautifully engineered 8×20 optic are outstanding: The world appears sharper and more defined; colours pristine and bright. The Monovid is just as at ease focused on birds and wildlife as it is turned upon surfers and boats, or distant stages at music festivals. It comes with a wrist strap and...

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