25 Nov Rucksack Carry-on – Osprey Ozone 36 Convertible

Carry-on cases are all about compromise.  Wheels and handles spell extra weight when heaviness is cost, and they take up space. Osprey - always at the forefront of sensible luggage design - has seemingly squared the circle with the new Ozone 36 Convertible. Thirty six liters of packing spaces puts Ozone at the smaller end of carry-ons, but at 2.16 kg, despite the wheels, handle and foldaway shoulder harness, it’s right in there with the flyweights. Ideal for minimalist travellers, and weekenders in cities where it’s often more comfortable to wear your bag on your back when negotiating congested streets and metro systems. There’s compression packing inside and a lockable zip...

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19 Nov It’s in the bag – Millican’s new Maverick collection

One of the things we like about Millican, the outdoorsy bag company up there in the Lake District,  is the way in which all of its products ever so succinctly galvanize the simplicity of days gone by with the technical demands of the modern digital traveller. In other words Millican bags are unerringly old fashioned to look at whilst providing the protection and ease-of-access contemporary travellers, with their tablet computers, mobiles and cameras, require. Building upon this foundation the all new Maverick Collection employs a lighter more waterproof Bionic Canvas for a 16 bag range that is more able to shrug off the what the worst of the weather. A...

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