21 Sep No secrets trunk – Crumpler’s Vis-A-Vis Clear

Packing is a skill few of us have time for - although we might make time if we had Crumpler’s latest wheelie - the Vis-A-Vis Clear. You’d think twice about screwing everything up in a ball at the last minute if Uncle Tom Cobley and all can see your mess. It might encourage the slobs amongst us to fold our stuff neatly. Afterall, you’ll look smarter when you get there.  The 68cm polycarbonate Trunk is aimed at travellers with nothing to hide, except dirty laundry and expensive pieces of personal kit, to be stored discreetly within Volume Rebate packing cubes that are included. There’s a clothes compression system, safety straps...

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samsonite smarttop

18 Aug The smart Samsonite Smarttop

Such a clever idea. Samsonite’s Smarttop wheelies (upright and spinner versions) have a large zip-up pocket in the top, by the handle, for all those things you need when on the move. A sort of glove compartment for tickets, passports, sunglasses, paperbacks, phones etc. It means you don’t now need a small bits ‘n pieces bag, and neither will you ruin the line of your clothes. We think the hard sided Smarttop is a smart idea, our favourite the 55cm Spinner; 38L and at 55x40x20, compact enough to be accepted as carry-on with most airlines. Available in four sizes, from 1.8 to 2.3kg and in a choice of colours. £115 - £135...

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tumi red RFID wallet

15 Dec Credit Card Security – Chambers Folding Card Case

Tumi ID Lock: For reasons only known to governments and bankers many modern ID and credit cards contain microchips that automaticallyt transmit personal identity and financial details that may be read by any Tom, Dick or Harry with an RFID scanner; imagine lots of bad guys loitering around airports, railway stations and shopping malls with the same sort of ‘touch’ payment pads we are encouraged to use in shops downloading all our personal information. We could render our cards unreadable like Gene Hackman in Enemy of the State (keep everything in empty crisp packets) or we could wise up and use a metal lined RFID protected wallet, like this one from...

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trail proof tote

25 Nov Waterproof Bike Bag and Shopper

Aquapac Trailproof Tote Lets not beat about the bush. One of the main reasons we like the Aquapac Tote is it’s cheap. OK - it’s only made of vinyl, but £35 for a large and completely waterproof backpack, that doubles as a shopper with a slick flick of the carrying strap, has to be good. I think Aquapac - that makes waterproof bags for mobiles, laptops etc. - had bicycle messengers in mind when they devised the Tote, available in two sizes; small and large. No amount of rain is going to penetrate the 500 vinyl fabric. It has a velcro fastening on the deep storm flap and a ‘lash-tag’ to...

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25 Nov Rucksack Carry-on – Osprey Ozone 36 Convertible

Carry-on cases are all about compromise.  Wheels and handles spell extra weight when heaviness is cost, and they take up space. Osprey - always at the forefront of sensible luggage design - has seemingly squared the circle with the new Ozone 36 Convertible. Thirty six liters of packing spaces puts Ozone at the smaller end of carry-ons, but at 2.16 kg, despite the wheels, handle and foldaway shoulder harness, it’s right in there with the flyweights. Ideal for minimalist travellers, and weekenders in cities where it’s often more comfortable to wear your bag on your back when negotiating congested streets and metro systems. There’s compression packing inside and a lockable zip...

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19 Nov It’s in the bag – Millican’s new Maverick collection

One of the things we like about Millican, the outdoorsy bag company up there in the Lake District,  is the way in which all of its products ever so succinctly galvanize the simplicity of days gone by with the technical demands of the modern digital traveller. In other words Millican bags are unerringly old fashioned to look at whilst providing the protection and ease-of-access contemporary travellers, with their tablet computers, mobiles and cameras, require. Building upon this foundation the all new Maverick Collection employs a lighter more waterproof Bionic Canvas for a 16 bag range that is more able to shrug off the what the worst of the weather. A...

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30 Aug Millican – an old fashioned modern bag

As a rule GG2G prefers to hone in on specific items, but in the case of Millican we will have to make an exception. Long before the men of London’s Shoreditch decided to grow beards and look like American pioneers, complete with check shirts, braces and traditional rucksacks, the Millican company, based in the Lake District, has been manufacturing timeless canvas day bags (for a range of uses) with a seductive 19th century appeal that predates London’s hipsters by a decade. If bags didn’t look like this two centuries ago – rugged, stout, and functional – then they should have. Go to the company’s website and click on the ‘inspiration’ link and...

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30 Aug RFID Protection

Go Travel Passport Slip Our wallets are full of RFID (Radio Frequency Enabled) credit cards that are constantly emitting all – unbeknownst to most of us – kinds of personal details about us and our finances. Sensitive information to be accessed by anyone with an electronic reader easily obtained on the internet. There are 20 million or so ‘scan‘ only credit cards in the UK, representing a big pool of crime for digitised villains. When we travel we are even more vulnerable; partly because modern passports are similarly RFID enabled, thus prone to identity theft. £4.99 /

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30 Aug Osprey Meridian 60 Backpack

Meridian 60 with detachable day pack The Range Rover of wheeled rucksacks can tackle any situation. This 60 litre backpack is the sort of kit you’ll need if you planning on heading out – and don’t know where you’ll end up.  That’s because it’s big enough for long trips, robust enough to tackle cities and the rough stuff, but above all flexible with a removable 20 litre daypack.Student, trekker, camper, city breaker – the Meridian 60 is what all wheeled luggage should aspire to. GG2G has recommended the Meridian 60 to a number of gap year students and they’ve all given it an unreserved thumbs up. The feature list is as...

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29 Aug Harry the Gladstone Bag

Inspired by the bag named after Gladstone, liberal statesman, chancellor and prime minister in the 19th century. Famous for his travelling, his rivalry with Disraeli and known as the Grand Old Man. We have given Harry a number of internal and external pockets, as well as adding a false bottom inside, so you can separate work from play if needed on an overnight trip. Its dimensions fit most airline restrictions for hand luggage.    "Great style, mine has been on the beach and in the boardroom, never out of place" Check out Nick's review here >...

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