25 Jan Safer cycling – Aftershokz Trekz Titanium headphones

Here at GG2G we don’t like listening to music through headphones when we’re cycling for the simple reason we can’t hear the sound of the street around us, and that makes for unsafe cycling. One of the team was pulled up short by a copper who said headphones on  bikes are illegal. We’re not sure about that but the safety message hit home and we’ve not listened to music on two wheels since. That could all be about to change with these Aftershokz Trekz Titanium, headphones that use ‘bone conduction’ to deliver the tunes while allowing ears to hear all ambient noise; sort of headphones for the head and not the...

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19 Jan Go anywhere water filter – LifeStraw

Because a week’s worth of Perrier takes up took much backpack space there’s LifeStraw - the easiest, most convenient, simplest and by far away smallest and lightest water filtration system you can take with you. Half the size of a school recorder and weighing next to nothing just drop one end of LifeStraw into contaminated water, or just water you’re not 100% sure about (mountain streams/snow melt), and the internal fibre membrane traps poisonous pathogens. It works like like a conventional straw, without any of the pumping associated with conventional filtration systems. You can drink directly from a water source or fill a canteen and use LifeStraw with that. The makers...

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25 Nov Lightweight Waterproof Boots

MERRELL SERRATION MID WATERPROOFS We have a bit of a thing with walking boots here at GG2G, which is to say we are predicated towards more classic, nostalgic, even retro boots. Shiny old eather, metal eyelets and quick lace-up hooks with a wear anywhere timelessness; great on the trail and just as good in the city with jeans. Merrell’s relaunched 1982 Wilderness Canyon boots a couple of years back fitted the bill perfectly; so much so our pair is on its third re-sole. The downside to classic boots like the Wilderness Canyon, and our much loved Hillmasters, is their sheer bulk, and weight, especially if the walks involve swamps or beaches -...

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19 Nov It’s in the bag – Millican’s new Maverick collection

One of the things we like about Millican, the outdoorsy bag company up there in the Lake District,  is the way in which all of its products ever so succinctly galvanize the simplicity of days gone by with the technical demands of the modern digital traveller. In other words Millican bags are unerringly old fashioned to look at whilst providing the protection and ease-of-access contemporary travellers, with their tablet computers, mobiles and cameras, require. Building upon this foundation the all new Maverick Collection employs a lighter more waterproof Bionic Canvas for a 16 bag range that is more able to shrug off the what the worst of the weather. A...

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19 Nov LuminAid – let there be light, for free!

The PackLite range from Luminaid has to be the cheapest and convenient way of keeping the lights on.  A warm glow of light that’s fine for reading by, or just as an ambient camp light. The original ‘cushion’ shaped LuminAid was developed for use in the Third World but as a camping trekking, just useful thing to have around, it can’t be beat. The PackLites come in two parts; at its heart is a very small solar panel containing a rechargable battery (what stores the juice); the other component is a waterproof, inflatable ‘diffuser’. After a day attached to your rucksack or jacket, or just hanging outside the tent, with the...

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30 Aug Brasher Hillmaster ll GTX

We get through a lot of walking boots at GG2G but we keep coming back to Brasher’s 28 year old Hillmaster, for us the benchmark by which all hiking boots must be measured. The Hillmaster is all about comfort and support, and classic understated looks. The shock absorbing PU midsole insulates the foot from rough terrain whilst providing grip, and the memory foam collar and tongue inhibit slip. In short, the Hillmaster GTX lls feel like an extension of your feet, and better looking (depending on the feet). This second generation Hillmaster GTX looks much like the one designer/runner Chris Brasher revealed in 1983 when he decreed he wanted a...

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30 Aug Leica Monovid

We can’t praise this pocket rocket mini telescope enough. It has been the most important, and popular piece of kit in the GG2G rucksack for a couple of years now. It’s size – five inches inside Leica’s magnetic flip-top leather case – means it takes up hardly any space in a bag or pocket, and the clarity and definition through its beautifully engineered 8×20 optic are outstanding: The world appears sharper and more defined; colours pristine and bright. The Monovid is just as at ease focused on birds and wildlife as it is turned upon surfers and boats, or distant stages at music festivals. It comes with a wrist strap and...

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